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Say Yes to New Adventure

Nothing is owed to us. Nothing is handed to us. If we want these promises and dreams of a better year, we have to work for them. We have to pour every last drop of what we have and who we are into what we believe is worth fighting for. 

misconceptions of mexico

if you’re into drug tourism or venturing into bad neighborhoods late at night by yourself, you’ll probably find some trouble in mexico. you’ll probably find some trouble in new york city, as well. if you’re a tourist who wants to learn, discover, and travel, you will find everything you are looking for

going local in cancun

i don’t have anything against cancun. it arguably has some of mexico’s most beautiful beaches. the hotel infrastructure is on point, and if all you’re looking for is a chaise lounge, some sun, and a bucket of beers it is a great vacation. but it’s not mexico. at least, not where you’re going.