Viva Puerto!

For the next month I’ll be camping out in Puerto Escondido, a sleepy beach town on Mexico’s Oaxacan coast, where stress factors are non-existent and it seems that people are all out of fucks to give.

Meet Vaera Journeys

For those of you who might not already know, at the end of last year I helped to co-found a company - Vaera Journeys. In a nutshell, it’s a retreat company that helps women take their personal and professional goals to the next level by helping them explore a project that gives them purpose.

Say Yes to New Adventure

Nothing is owed to us. Nothing is handed to us. If we want these promises and dreams of a better year, we have to work for them. We have to pour every last drop of what we have and who we are into what we believe is worth fighting for. 

a soul's full at almaplena

i was only supposed to be in playa del carmen for two days. but i’m not very good with ‘supposed to,’ and what started as a simple pass-through on my way to somewhere else ended up being something entirely different

in love with lisbon

i’ve been to europe more times than i can count (poor me), and it is stunningly beautiful, full of history and culture, and truly the height of society as we know it today. still, i have been kind of over it. city, town, river, central square, cathedral, repeat. i didn’t have any real passion for european cities anymore, until i met lisbon.

a mountaintop artists' utopia in italy

i think the term #yolo is one that needs to die a swift decisive death. no disrespect whatsoever, but you sound ridiculous. that said, i do firmly believe in its sentiment, especially when traveling. this is how i found myself deep in an artists’ utopia tucked within a medieval ghost town in the mountains of northern italy.

chablis: we came for the calories

i could give you a play-by-play of each sip, swish, and savor, but to be quite honest even my mind can’t wrap itself around all the facts and figures. what i can tell you is about this moment that will forever be in my mind: running through the vineyards outside chablis toward the charming farmhouse that we called home for the night.

in paris, you play the part

my favorite quote about paris is “in paris, everybody wants to be an actor; nobody is content to be a spectator.” this tends to be my motto in life regardless, but on my most recent trip to paris i truly took the expression to heart. 

snacking on siem reap

when the sun goes down, lifting the thick heat of the day, locals of siem reap are shopping, eating, worshipping, and socializing. if you want to see this side of siem reap, then a tour with cambodia vespa adventures is a must.

misconceptions of mexico

if you’re into drug tourism or venturing into bad neighborhoods late at night by yourself, you’ll probably find some trouble in mexico. you’ll probably find some trouble in new york city, as well. if you’re a tourist who wants to learn, discover, and travel, you will find everything you are looking for

genghis khan, grasslands, and gangnam style

i’m not sure how genghis kahn would have felt watching his descendants undulate in harmony with a group of foreigners in a drunken stupor by the light of a bonfire, flash mobbing to gangnam style as it echoed through the night across the grasslands. regardless, that’s exactly what happened. 

holi nyc

in spring 2015 (and every spring), hundreds of new yorkers made the trek deep into the bowels of brooklyn to celebrate spring in new york by dousing each other in great bursts of colorful paint powder and dancing into the wee hours of the morning.