Food for Thought in Cancun

Chef Alejandra’s cooking school/kitchen explodes out of the jungle like a comet of color. The bright yellow casa, framed in pink trim, is far from a subtle refuge, surrounded by otherwise green, leafy forest. But then, Alejandra is far from subtle.

Cancun Beyond the Hotel Zone

If you think Cancun is just a sandy strip of mega all-inclusive hotels, well, you’d be right. Still, all around Cancun is a wealth of discoveries that I’ve had the pleasure to uncover and, thus, have fallen in love with one of the biggest tourist destinations in the entire world completely in spite of myself.

Why You Should Know This Province in China

You’ve probably never even heard of Guizhou, China. But you need to. As someone who had been to China several times previously, I felt I could safely close the book on the country. But a surprising visit to this lesser known province started a whole new chapter for me and China.

How to Start a Freelance Writing Career

A few months ago I was interviewed for The Offbeat Life podcast. That interview inspired a listener to turn to her own offbeat life, so the host brought the two of us together for a brand-new series where listeners ask past participants deeper questions. So thrilled and honored to be a part of it!

Discovering DR

My first introduction to the Dominican Republic was along its rugged southwest coast, where not only did I learn to not associate it solely with Punta Cana...I actually became borderline obsessed with it. And here’s why you need to go right now. 

13 Tips for Solo Female Travelers

For women, it’s not always an easy decision to hop on a plane by yourself and venture into the great unknown. Safety is still a big concern for women in many parts of the world, and the fear of loneliness can be a deterrent from setting out.

Mexico 175

For me, here is no greater stretch of highway in Mexico (or the world, for that matter) than Highway 200. It has always been my gateway to adventure, along which I have learned not only about my beloved Mexico, but about myself.

Beach Secrets Best Kept

The predominant beach in Puerto is certainly Playa Zicatela, with its sweeping, football-field width of sand, epic surf, and explosive sunsets. But down the beach to the south is a smaller, quieter stretch that is another world all its own. This is La Punta.

An Escape from the Escape

But believe it or not, there is a certain cap on the amount of squinty-eyed surfers telling me to 'Keep on Keepin on' that I can take. Just in time when I needed a hideout from my hideaway, I was introduced to Playa Carrizalillo.